Zahra Enomwoyi - The Flower Bearer OAAK - African Wrap Doll - #57

True to her name, Zahra Enomwoyi was created to bring calming beauty into your chosen space. The name Zarha (ZAH-rah) is Swahili for Flower and Enomwoyi (EH-nohm-WOH-yee) means One Who Has Charm, Grace. Zahra E. is my 57th CreativeWan African Wrap Doll made.

African Wrap Dolls by CreativeWan are faceless. This enables you, the beholder, to project your own interpretation of her facial countenance. More importantly, they are all created by me. Each lovely lady is a One of a Kind creation and individually named and numbered.

Let Zahra Enomwoyi grace your space with Beauty!

- One of a Kind (OAAK)
- Handcrafted Art Doll
- Individually Named & Numbered
- Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
- Approx. 13.5 in. Height (34.5 cm)